Episode 93 – You Ask It 10

Episode 93 – You Ask It 10

Welcome to the second You Ask It show of 2015. Keep sending in your questions and we will do more of these shows to try and answer them to the best of our abilities.

You can always email us your questions at the contact link above (oursite at oursite dot com), DM on twitter @Stogie411 @KnightRid @Hogman21 , or even on our Facebook page and we will do another show like this when we have some questions queued up. Remember, you can join us live and ask your questions in the chat or even stop by Tobacco Company in Lemoyne, PA on the day of the show and ask Mike F. personally.

Sorry for the delay but I (Mike F) was having internet issues.


  1. Just got a chance to view the show. Thanks for your insight guys. Mike F – you are a trooper. That’s dedication!! (or insanity)

  2. So does a snowman get frostbite? I have to agree with you Mike F on Gurkha getting a bad rap all the time. They have some really good cigars and some shitty one to but ive had a couple Alec Bradley that were shit to me at least
    Same with C.A.O I think they have a lot of great cigars and some poor ones also. The American anthem for example the wrapper tore apart when i took the band off I was upset about that as it’s supposed to be there flagship. There’s a lot of people who hate on C.A.O all the time.
    Thanks for your insights. Great show guys keep it up eh

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