Episode 70 Sam Leccia

Episode 70 Sam Leccia

Website: http://www.lecciatobacco.com/

Twitter: @SamLeccia

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LecciaTobacco

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  1. As always, an enjoyable podcast from Stogi411! Nice, open conversation. Some highlights we liked (but you gotta watch for yourself to get the context!):

    - From Leccia Tobaccos team headquarter garage — “This is where where everything happens and nothing gets done.” Watching with my husband from my home office this hit home right out of the gate! LOL
    - Hmmm… You just never know what exotic things might happen on May 5th (Cinco de Mayo).
    - Miami fans may want to have a drink on hand around 14:58. Pennsylvania fans will cheer.
    - Love the dog at 41:50
    - PA homeboy at Dave Presto with a good question at around 42:50.
    - Good take on the “lifting the Cuban embargo” question – whole podcast is great, but if you are short on time, worth scrolling forward just for that discussion.
    - 53:00 Pairing Idea: Dr. Pepper/Schwepps + Leccia White = An unusual pairing, will have to try!
    - 1:00 – “Take it away there, hippy.”

    Will look for the new Leccia Tobacco website launch next week, and looking forward your next show on March 15th to see the brothers out in Saratoga. Thanks for what you do.

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