Episode 39 – Barry Stein

Episode 39 – Barry Stein of Miami Cigar and Company

Website: http://www.miamicigarandcompany.com/
Twitter: @MCCBarry @MiamiCigar
Facebook: MiamiCigarCompany

The contest for the Nestor Miranda Bobblehead will run until October 6, 2012 11:59pm EST.  Just leave a comment, Barry has said that if this reaches 50 comments he’ll give away 2 Nestor Miranda Bobble heads!

The winner of the Nestor Miranda Bobble head is CZERBE!

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  1. yo yo yo guys whats hapnen!! Interesting show this week.. Id have to say my fave miami product would be the art deco thats a sweet smoke!!! hope youre feeling better hogman!

  2. Barry is a very laid back gentleman, that’s for sure. I thought it was interesting his comment about the difference in life style between New York and Miami, takes one day in N.Y., and a week in Miami. Good interview.

  3. I enjoyed the show. I enjoyed it when Barry shared “a typical day in the life of Barry”. He sounds like he is doing exactly what he wants to do which makes hime a very lucky person.

  4. Look whos back. Back again.. told ya I couldn’t stay away for long!!! LOL

  5. Good show.

  6. great show

  7. Good Show. Its interesting to see a guy go from doing something as a hobby to doing it full time. Even though a “blogger” and a company man are somewhat different, they still involve the love for cigars and the people involved in them.

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