Episode 3: Jon Huber of The Crowned Heads

Episode 3-The Crowned Heads

Guest-Jon Huber



Giveaway-Leave a comment of your favorite part of the show and Jon was nice enough to giveaway a limited production signed poster with a hat,sticker and t-shirt.

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  1. Great show…..and I’m looking foward to finding a cigar that taste like gun metal lol.

  2. I really was impressed about the fact that Jon said he would sell only to the brick and mortar and not through the internet. This is a fresh appraoch and supports all the cigar shops out there in a business that is so competitive. I enjoyed his comments and look forarw to his first release of Crowned Head cigars.

  3. Great episode and guest. I enjoyed Jon’s candid talk about his CAO days and future plans.

  4. Great interview. I enjoyed hearing how he came up with the name for the company. Quite interesting. It is a catchy name for sure.

  5. The story of Jon and his colleagues just impresses me. When I first heard of their departure from CAO and their objectives in starting their new venture I admired their passion, integrity and courage in doing what and why they believed they needed to do. I wish Jon and his colleagues well and will root for them on their new endeavor. Another great show guys!!

    • By the way – hopefully, one day, I can too follow my own “yellow brick road”.

  6. Great interview guys! I loved it. I really enjoy the way Jon talks candidly about his past at CAO, and what his plans are for the Crowned Heads. I really look forward to what he comes up with. I enjoyed also how he was an open book about the creative process behind the cigars he plans on marketing. I wish him and Crowned Heads all the luck, and can’t wait to try their products!

  7. Great show no. 3 guys. Loved the first two as well. I have been following Jon and his compadres as they have begun this new journey in their lives. Jon is always truthful and honest. Full of integrity. I enjoyed hearing about his humble beginnings and jobs he has had in the past and how if you love what you do, it is never a job. I also liked his little jab at JCruz and his height. A real down to earth guy. I wish him well. Keep it up guys.

  8. My favorite part of the show was all the background on how Crowned Heads got started.

  9. Mike&Mike – another great show with top of the line guest. Kudos for quality ! One has to appreciate Jon’s modesty. There aren’t that many figures in cigar industry with similar character. I can appreciate people who skip the fluff and colorful words and cut to the chase. My personal favorite comment was when Jon reemphasized the existence of few core flavors and questioned the fluffiness of some cigar reviews. Let’s stick to the basics and continue to enjoy cigar smoking ! Keep up the good work !!!

  10. Thanks for the show guys!

    The part of the show I really appreciated was hearing Jon’s support of local B&M’s and his concept of marketing geographically to make sure their new cigars are available throughout the country, while foregoing the mass distribution channels provided by the online sellers.

    That’s a great way to build loyalty among cigar smokers and their local shops.


  11. I am looking forward to those cigars! I like Jon’s philosophy and most especially his humility. That speaks volumes to me. Love that “end of a chapter but not the book, there are many more pages to write.” Keep writing Jon! Peace

  12. great video.
    best part was John talking about the name and how it came from Wizard of Oz.

  13. Enjoyed the interview guys and looking forward to upcoming ones as well. Enjoyed hearing Jon say that something they’re standing firm on – and will continue to stand firm on- is finding the “right” manufacturer and not wavering on their commitment to produce a premium cigar just to meet a preconceived timeline
    Thanks guys!

  14. Great Interview…I was going to just watch for a few minutes and ended up watching the whole thing. I’m glad to see Crowned Heads is in it for the Cigars and not just a quick buck. The money will come when you do it right.

  15. Great show, looking forward to more. Glad to discovered this site. Told all my friends.

  16. [...] Congratulations to  the winner of the Crowned Heads giveaway. Please email us your name and address so we can forward to Jon Huber. Comment by abraxas828282 on May 22, 2011 4:03 pm [...]

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