Episode 21 – El Tiante Cigars

Episode 21 – Dan Tiant and Mike Bellody of El Tiante Cigars

Website: http://tiantcigargroup.com/

Twitter: @TiantCigar_Dan
Twitter: @TiantCigar_Mike

Download the Audio Right-Click this link then Save as

Thanks to the generosity of the guys at the Tiante Cigar Group we are giving away
a 10 pack of El Tiante 5 each of the Habano Rosado and the Habano Oscuro.
Leave your answer to the trivia question in the comments for this post and we’ll be drawing from the correct answers to win.
The trivia question: What number did Luis Tiant wear when he played with the Boston Red Sox?

Congratulations to foozer69 for winning the El Tiante cigars!



  1. he was number 23, he should be in the fuckin hof!!!!!!!

  2. While at the Red Sox number 23.

  3. He wore 23….longtime Cleveland Indian as well….bummer on the video…good interview as always and appreciated

  4. Just finished listening. Enjoyed the show. The cigars sound interesting. Will keep an eye out for them. Thanks for the show.

  5. Couldn’t listen to the live show, since it kept breaking up, but thanks for getting it posted so quickly. I definitely would like to try these. Of course, Luis Tiant wore number 23 for the Sox (33 for the Indians, I believe), as well as the all-time best MLB facial hair!

  6. He was number 23. Great show guys. I really enjoyed it.

  7. Good Show His # was 23. Thanks for the contest.

  8. El Tiant wore number 23 when playing for the Boston Red Sox…..
    Thanks for tyhe oppurtunity, John

  9. hey guys great show his # was 23. Sorry I missed the live show but this was a nice change of pace I didn’t have to see your ugly asses haha great job.

  10. Hey guys, another great show. Even without the video it was very informative. I remember watching Luis pitch with the redsox. He was no. 23. Can’t wait for the next show.

  11. That would be #23, sirs.

  12. #23….can’t wait to hear from Barry and his new life in Miami.

  13. Would that be 23?

  14. #23 the show was good with no video. Look forward to Barry on the next episode

  15. That was #23. Good show!

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