Episode 19 – Stogie411

Episode 19 – Stogie411, the Holiday Hangover

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The Winners of our Contest were

The Ortsac lighter and the 5 pack of cigars from The Cigar Agency — From us went to


The 7 pack of Jameson Cigars and a Jameson t-shirt from East Coast Cigar Company was

Joe Keith

The Winner of the Stinky ashtray from East Coast Cigar Company was

Black Knight

So either email your addresses to stogie411@stogie411.com or we’ll be in contact.

Thanks again to Rich at East Coast Cigar Company for helping to sponsor these giveaways and thanks to you for watching and participating!



  1. Great bull session, guys. Hope you all have a Happy New Year.

  2. The whole Barry is what happen to johnny Brooke of weekly cigar fame he did cigar and beer reviews when he got hired drew estates way back when. He quit doing cigar reviews cause he sort saw it has a possible conflict of trust in his reviews of cigars for any of his readers you know?
    So he just does beer reviews now.

  3. Thanks for the CroMagnon shout out brother.

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