Episode 16 – Pete Johnson

Episode 16 – Pete Johnson of Tatuaje

Website: http://www.tatuajecigars.com/

Twitter: @TatuajeCigars

We have a contest going on thanks to Rob from Mike’s Stogies due to his generous contribution we have

2 La Casita Criolla
2 Fausto
2 Wolfmen
1 Avion

To win these count the number of times “Tatuaje” is mentioned during the show and leave a comment in this post.

 We will be picking 1 winner from those who give the correct answer.

Download the Audio Right-Click this link then Save as



  1. Loved when he mentioned Villazon and then Pleides. Brings back memories of when we first opend our shop

  2. Great show Guy’s, very interesting to here Pete’s comments about the cigar business. My guess is 12 times.

  3. I enjoyed the show. Pete’s knowledge of the cigar industry is impressive. I always enjoy hearing what the 1st smoke was for these guys. I find it humorous to know most of us all started with the “cheapo” cigars. One thing we all have in common is the evolution of our preferences. Most of us end up smoking some pretty great cigars. Tatuaje is one of the many.
    I did not listen to the podcast over again but I am going to say the name “Tatuaje” was mentioned 15 times.

  4. I enjoyed learning about how Pete started and his comments about the cigar industry as well as his insights on wine. I heard the word Tatuaje 8 times during the show including Mike’s mention during the into and 3 more times after Pete signed off.

  5. hey thanks for the contest! i heard it 10 times !!!!

  6. thanks for the contest ! i heard it 10 times … i think!

  7. Another great show, guys, and I do think the quality was much better. Really enjoyed Pete’s straightforward honesty. And thanks to Rob for donating the prize. I heard “Tatuaje” 14 times, but to be honest, I got so engrossed in the conversation, I can’t be sure.

  8. I heard it 8 times as well, great show guys thanks for getting to all of my questions Pete seems like a great guy, and the show keeps getting better, Best of luck


  9. 10 times I think
    Great show

  10. Good show. I like Pete and his cigars. My guess is about 7. Didn’t seem like that many to me.

  11. Great interview guys.
    I heard it 10 times (counting sign off), but I was working at the same time, so who knows.

  12. I heard it 11 times. All you guys that thought you heard only 10 times didn’t hear the one in the middle of the podcast.



  13. Wait can I win my own cigars back? Lol great show

  14. Pretty sure I heard it 10 times!


  16. nice interview guys,I am going to say 10 times.

  17. [...] still have a contest running so be sure to check it out in Episode 16 the cut off will [...]

  18. Mike and Mike…I heardtatuaje-14X….top notch interview…asked alot of good questions…not sure why Pete can nail the PR portion of the business but others can’t….Can you guys land Dion from Illusione …would love to hear what they have coming out soon.

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