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Thanks for checking out our website. This website has been created by Mike Williams of MikesStogies and Mike Forry of StogieReview. Mike F. has been enjoying cigars for over 3 years and reviewing cigars for over 1 year. Mike W. has been smoking cigars for over 23 years and reviewing cigars just 1 year now. We came together through conversations over the past year and developed a friendship that turned into both of us doing some dual guest cigar reviews on the others site.

During the course of our friendship we talked about doing a monthly podcast show for all our viewers, discussing topics like news, interviews, Q&A as well as smoking cigars. After considering this for some time and tossing it around we thought it would be a great idea as there are not many sites using this format. So here we go… two guys who are very passionate about the cigar industry are going to take a shot and start doing monthly podcasting. We hope that you enjoy this ride with us as we both feel it will be an exciting ride.

We’ve had a lot of friends give us advice and have offered their kind comments.  We hope that you will tune in monthly and enjoy the informative and energetic conversations we have.



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